Re-work Wednesday 8

This week I decided to try something different. Another shot from my early days in 2011 when I honestly had not a clue as to how to use my camera. All I knew was what I wanted my shots to look like. So after three years of trial and error, with some gave help from fellow photographers along the way, I am finally starting to feel comfortable with what I am doing. And so back to this weeks shot, I took this image at the Venice of Ireland Festival the year before I was invited to become the festival’s official photographer. I guess somebody liked what I did with the original shots some of which you can see HERE.

BOM web

The shot was taken during a re-enactment of an actual skirmish between English forces and the local IRA flying Column. The whole show was put on by the local Re-enactment group Lord Edward’s Own. I even came second my first ever photo competition at the local camera club with a mini panel which you can see HERE. Although the original images were all sepia conversions with alot of added noise and vignetting. I decided to go with a simple mono conversion this time round which I quite like.

So that’s it for this weeks Re-work, hopefully I will see you all next Wednesday for another image taken from the archives.

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14 Responses to Re-work Wednesday 8

  1. archecotech says:

    This is what I mean. I like this shot. What did you do? I’d like to capture these kind of moments.


  2. Jo Woolf says:

    Great photo, Ed!


  3. Very good photo.


  4. The rework is good but the originals (especially the one with the vehicle) really give scene a historic look – which was the right thing to do given your end goal. This is an example of a photo working in two very different ways – depending on final intent.


    • Thanks Rob, I actually made an action in PS4 to process the original shots. I wanted that old look as if the shots had been taken back in the early 1900’s. If was one of my first big attempts using Photoshop and it worked out really well considering I barely knew what a layer was. 🙂

      I still like how the mono version looks, Im kinda hooked on B&W at the moment:-)


  5. Very dramatic pose. Two good shots.


  6. I really enjoy your Re-work Wednesday (as you might have noticed from a Pingback regarding a version of my own that was inspired by yours) as it gives me – as relatively new reader – a chance to explore things you wrote about way back. Your pictures are always quite stunning and the tales really interesting and the more I read the more I’m itching to go out and explore myself…
    But I noticed something strange with a couple (if not all) of your old posts: You can’t read the writings.
    The colour of the text is Black and that makes it barely visible when looking at the old posts. (I recently had a similar problem with old pages of mine too, so it might be a WordPress thing.)
    Just wanted to let you know.


    • Thank you, really glad that you are enjoying my images and posts. I had a quick look at some of my older posts, they all seem to read fine. I taught that it might be something to do with me changing the theme of my blog a few months ago but it looks fine to me. I wonder if any other readers are experiencing this?


      • I remembered the layout change, when I first came across this and it would partly make sense that the change could cause the posts to be stuck with the old font colour. (An error in the programming of WordPress or the theme so to speak) Then again it looks fine for you and that makes this even more strange…
        I also tried opening the (old) post with a different browser, but it was the same…
        But if it’s just me experiencing this then I can live with highlighting the text to read it.


  7. trilby's ink says:

    Great images. Congrats on being asked to be the “official photographer” too, well done.


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