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The Last Remains – Kildare Castle

It has been about four years since I first visited what remains of Kildare Castle. With the wealth of heritage sites in the area such as the Cathedral and the numerous Abbey’s you would expect to find a rather large fortification, … Continue reading

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Nenagh Castle

Situated on a flat plain to north end of Nenagh in North Tipperary, stands a rather impressive round shaped Tower, which dates back to the early thirteenth century. This was once part of the magnificent fortress that was Nenagh Castle. … Continue reading

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Dún Masc

As promised I got back out on the road finally, and even managed to bring along my three little ruin hunters and my nephew. So with a packed car I thought there would be no better place to start off … Continue reading

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The Ruinhunter is back, with a Medieval Adventure.

I cant believe its been over three months since I last posted. I would love to say that I got lost on one of my Ruin hunts and ended up having an adventure, but sadly that was not the case. … Continue reading

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Ballyboggan Abbey – Monochrome Madness Challenge

This weeks image for the Monochrome Challenge comes from the ruins of the Augustinian Priory of De Laude Dei also known as Ballyboggan Abbey. Another one of the many sites I came across by pure chance, after spotting a sign for a … Continue reading

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In search of the Werewolf.

The mere mention of the Werewolf for many people will conjure up images of a cursed soul whom is destined to turn into a monster under the full moon and hunt for human flesh to satisfy its uncontrollable hunger.  Much … Continue reading

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Clonenagh Cross Slabs

Following on from the Money Tree at Clonenagh, I took a wander into the adjacent Graveyard in search of some early Christian grave slabs. I was not expecting much, but to my surprise they were easily found. Resting against the … Continue reading

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Carlow Castle

Some of you might remember my visit to St. Mullins recently, well on the way I passed through Carlow town and spotted a part of this Castle rising up above the towns rooftops in the distance. And so my curiosity … Continue reading

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Grey Abbey – Monochrome Madness Challenge

Here we are again for another instalment of the weekly Monochrome Madness Challenge which is hosted over on Leanne Cole’s blog. So for this weeks image I’m using a sneak peak of some shots I recently took at Grey Abbey … Continue reading

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Aghaboe Motte and Bailey

The last of the sites on our recent visit to Aghaboe was the Motte and Bailey Situated in between the Standing Stone and Abbey. Aghaboe or  Achadh Bhó to give it its proper Gaelic name,  means Ox’s Field and derived … Continue reading

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