Royal Irish Artillery


The Royal Irish Artillery aka Lord Edwards Own sure put on a fantastic display at the Picnic in Park this weekend. Lord Edwards Own are a local Multi-period Re-enactment Group from Monasterevin. Portraying the 86th (Leinster) Regiment and Regiment Irlanda in the Napoleonic Period. They also portray all sides in the Irish War of Independence: Irish Volunteers, ICA, RIC, DMP, Black & Tans and the Auxilaries. From the Great War they portray the Prince of Wales Leinster regiment (Royal Canadians) & Free State Army 1924-1939. A gorgeous 2lb cannon was on display and fired on a regular basis throughout the day.  I have  had the opportunity to photograph them on a number of occasions which you can see Here and There. On 3rd to 4th August you will be able to see them in action again at the Battle of Vinegar Hill in Enniscorthy. This should be a great weekend with a street battle in the town on the Saturday and the main event on Sunday. You can also check them out on Facebook. For more info on Vinegar hill or if you are interested in going, check out Vinegar Hill.

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6 Responses to Royal Irish Artillery

  1. Red Hen says:

    Fantastic stuff. Such a variety of costumes too. I wonder how they manage it.


  2. newsferret says:

    Made my gunner’s heart pump warm blood.


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