Nothin Cooking in this Kitchen

Before you ask, sadly this is not an actual Kitchen and was probably never used as one either. Nobody really knows how it got its name, but it obviously stuck. I first came across this interesting little structure known as St. Brigid’s Kitchen a few years ago when I stopped off with my eldest son Ryan to climb the Round Tower on the opposite side of the Cathedral. It can be easily found to the east of the Cathedral. Descending a number of steps, you enter the chamber via a rectangular ope. Although it is described as a 14th century burial vault, there are clear signs that the chamber once stood above ground level, in the south wall there is a flat lintelled window with an internal splay. Interestingly a local rumour suggests that this was once part of a secret escape tunnel which over the centuries was lost. I wonder might this secret tunnel have been connected to the passage way which was also rumoured to have run from the nearby Church in Lackagh to the former Fitzgerald Castle. Sadly there is little but a cornerstone of this Castle remaining and the tunnel lost in the sands of time, so I guess we shall never know?

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22 Responses to Nothin Cooking in this Kitchen

  1. oglach says:

    Great photos, as usual. There’s definitely something cooking in the kitchen.

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  2. beetleypete says:

    Nice high contrast B+W Ed. You are doing that site proud mate.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. Everyone loves a mystery… great photos and write up!

    6 stars out of 4!!

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  4. Maureen says:

    fascinating. We don’t have too many old ruins in New Zealand – except perhaps some of us pensioners…

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  5. I think it’s your photography that keeps things on the boil in these kitchens 😉

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  6. originaltitle says:

    Wow, who knew old stones were so great for black and white! Great photos! My church back home is also named for St. Brigid, I was intrigued to see the this. Thanks for sharing.

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  7. Ali Isaac says:

    How bizarre and intriguing! Wonder what it was really used for? Probably something really mundane, like storage, lol! But I love the idea of a secret passage….

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  8. Really is an interesting structure. I’m always torn. Would like to be able to see the structure in its day but the ruin forms have so much character and mystery. Nice pics.

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