An Abandoned Church – Monochrome Madness Challenge

Ballinafagh Abandoned Church

This weeks image for the MMC is the old abandoned church in Ballynafagh, Co. Kildare. Last week I scored major browning points after taking the family down to the Kildare maze, more about that later this week. After spending the day at the maze I got to stop of and have a look around this rather striking church ruin. What made it so interesting was the fact that it was set in the middle of a wheat field, and their was a right of way which was open to the public.

For this image I tried to stay away from the darker effect I normally go for and framed it with a slight white vignette. The image was converted in photoshop only as I did not feel it warranted any further processing. Hope you all like it :-)So that’s it for yet another week, but if like me you want to see more shots from the Monochrome Madness Challenge then head over to Leanne Cole’s Blog  later on today where you can check out the rest of the images sent in for this weeks Challenge.

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30 Responses to An Abandoned Church – Monochrome Madness Challenge

  1. Bob Mills says:

    Moody and atmospheric! I love the grainy effect

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  2. suzjones says:

    Stunning image this week Ed. 🙂

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  3. vannillarock says:

    Stunning! Made me stop in my tracks. Also like that dam auto correct doesn’t just get one over on me. Browny points to you on this shot!

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  4. Love the pathway leading to the church. I also like the warm tone and the treatment here Ed. Good work!

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  5. John says:

    Beautiful work!!

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  6. I absolutely love your shots. It never gets old seeing them!

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  7. Mary Michelle Scott says:

    You outdid yourself on this one, Ed! Gorgeous shot 🙂

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  8. sabbyj33 says:

    Love this entry ed. Love how dramatic the clouds look and I like the white vignette around the photo, It gives it a great effect.


  9. 2e0mca says:

    Any truth in the rumour that you’re visiting churches and taking the roof off to make your images? 😉 Very nice Ed – there are clearly a lot of wonderful old buildings where you live and you are producing some excellent images of them 🙂

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  10. the composition is perfect. Proud in her loneliness amidst the field and sky!!

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  11. Karen says:

    Wow, what a dramatic composition! Love all the different textures here.

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